The ultimate guide to selecting the best laptop bags and laptop sleeves in india

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March 17, 2022
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Keeping practical and professional travel accessories like laptop bags, laptop sleeves close at hand may simplify your commuting for a more relaxed, cosy, and organized journey.
Nowadays, these work accessories are not just a fashion but a necessity to enable comfortable, safe storage, and convenience at work.

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It is not that does not know that there are multiple factors to consider when buying the best laptop bags in India and laptop sleeves in India.

Since you are interested in knowing how to buy the best laptop bags in India and laptop sleeves in India, we have compiled some pointers to ultimately help you decide which one is better and convenient for you.

What is a Laptop Bag or a Laptop Sleeve?

A laptop bag is not a fashion accessory, it should enable comfort, safe storage, and convenience. Saying that a laptop bag is specifically designed to be durable and weather-resistant while holding your laptop so that you can travel with peace of mind knowing your device is protected.

A laptop sleeve is also called a laptop pouch or bag and it is made from materials such as neoprene or leather. It is slightly larger than the laptop to protect your device from scratches, bumps, dust, and water during everyday use. They are simple, small, and can be fitted into a large bag.

Factors to consider when buying the best laptop bags in India and laptop sleeves in India

Choosing the best laptop bags in India and laptop sleeves in India requires much research and thought. Consider these following factors when choosing your work travel partner for your device:

·        Classified compartments for your device

·        Safeguard from harsh weather conditions

·        Price of your laptop bag and laptop sleeve

·        Weight your laptop bag and laptop sleeve can carry

·        Comfort

·        Functionality

·        Features

If you can think about these factors and clearly understand your needs, you will be able to find yourself the best laptop bags in India and laptop sleeves in India. We have listed below a few considerations that can help you in finding the perfect travel accessory for your laptop:

1. Challenges of your commute

It is important to think about the challenges you face while commuting and how your bag or sleeve will meet your traveling challenges. For example, if you are traveling through public transportation, a common challenge is having limited space and legroom.

In that case, you will need to choose a laptop bag and a compact laptop sleeve that does not crowd your legs, accidentally hit people while you are standing, or take a whole lot of extra space.

Sometimes you may use public transportation which offers ample legroom. However, if your stop is a mile away from your destination, in that case, you will need a bag or sleeve that is comfortable enough to carry it for that distance.

If you ride a bike or vehicle, you will need to purchase a laptop bag and sleeve that is convenient, accessible, and withstands harsh weather conditions.

Incase, you are commuting with your system to the office, co-working space, coffee shop, or school by scooter, you will want a laptop bag that allows you to travel comfortably.

2. Your workspace

When you are working on a laptop, you can work anywhere. When you have the best laptop bags in India and laptop sleeves in India, you will be able to work well in a variety of workplace settings.

For example, if you are working somewhere at a coffee shop, it is nice to have a laptop bag that stands on its own and does not slide down to the floor or getting everyone’s way.

If your work has a traditional setup, it is nice to have a laptop bag or laptop sleeve that is small enough and can easily slide underneath a desk. In case you need to carry a laptop to school or college, then you may appreciate laptop bags that can be carried from class to class.


3. Secondary activities

A laptop bag can be useful for more than just taking your laptop to work. Additional activities such as the following may be included:

·        Day hikes

·        Heading to the gym

·        Short-term commute

·        Carrying camera equipment and essentials

Other than these scenarios, you may also find yourself in other situations where you may make use of laptop bags and laptop sleeves. Additionally, they do not provide the perfect solution in situations such as moving to a new living space. In such a case, much larger items will be needed to store your laptop. However, they are versatile enough, so consider looking for the best laptop bags in India and laptop sleeves India that provides:

·        A larger space capacity:

An increased capacity ensures a comfortable commute while heading for short trips, buying groceries, social outings, etc.

·        Specific laptop compartment:

If there is a specific compartment for your laptop, you may make use of there maining space for placing other essentials.

4. Size of laptop bag and laptop sleeve

When buying, you may not only need to consider the size of the bag but also need to take a look at the laptop compartment, sleeve, and or pocket.

Laptop sleeve size:

Make sure you pick the laptop sleeve that fits your laptop. You do not need too large or too small sleeves as they tend to expose your belongings during transit which also opens up more opportunities for damage.

If your laptop sleeve is too big, make sure to use a laptop case or a padded sleeve first. On that note, if you plan to put your laptop inside of a separatelaptop sleeve or case before putting it into your laptop bag, consider looking at the laptop size limitations. If it is too bulky, it may not fit inside.

Laptop bag size:

Usually, laptop bags are available between 15 and 30L. Note that there will be variations from company to company. You may need alaptop bag that fits your lunch box, pen, books along with a laptop. In such acase, you need to go for larger capacity laptop bags. If you only need space for your laptop, then you may cut down the size of the laptop bag to 8 L.


5. Style of laptop bags and laptop sleeves

We have noticed the following styles of bags and sleeves that you may come across:

·        Heritage

·        Sporty

·        Techy

·        Fashion/Slick

·        Classic


6. of laptop bags and laptop sleeves

We suggest that you invest in durable bags and sleeves that last for years. In the long run, purchasing such high-quality bags and sleeves will save you money too.


7. Interior organization of laptop bags and laptop sleeves

Bags and sleeves with a simple organization system will be more helpful. These bag sallow you to organize your belongings better by utilizing packing with pouches and cubes. Plus, you may also remove the whole thing out for easy access.

Consider the following types of the best laptop bags in India and laptop sleeves for the protection of your laptops

1. Genuine leather and synthetic leather laptop bags and laptop sleeves in India

Leather laptop bags and sleeves in India are found easily on e-commerce web portals and are usually fairly priced. They offer various styles and unique shapes and sizes in laptop bags and sleeves with a flap closure that you can use on the move.

The best laptop bags in India and sleeves crafted from leather are sturdy and durable. They also protect your gadgets from harsh weather or water to withstand everyday wear and tear. They can also come in a simple and soft pouch style.

Also, you may customize them easily but needs to be careful. Do not fall for faux leathers while paying for the genuine and the best laptop bags in India and leather laptop sleeves in India since they may tear up within a couple of months.

Synthetic laptop bags and sleeves also protect your laptop the way gloves protect your hands from the cold during the winter season. They are also scratch and water-resistant. Some synthetic bags also are lined with polypropylene.


2. Neoprene laptop bags and laptop sleeves in India

Neopreneis a timeless material that belongs to a family of synthetic rubbers. It exhibits good stability and flexibility with a wide range of temperatures. It also has a water repellent element and is in foamy form made into light, durable, spongy sleeves and laptop bags so that they are protective enough while maintaining the form.


3. Standard and Ballistic nylon laptop bags and sleeves in India

Most of the existing laptop bags are made of nylon, a solid wear-safe plastic. The best nylon is called “ballistic nylon” which will keep going for a long time. They are also water-repellent to protect your devices from damage with the bonus of space for all sorts of other things.

Now that you know everything about the best laptop bags India and laptop sleeves in India, if you need any information, check our accessories e-store website or connect with us anytime.

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