An Absolute Ultimate Guide to Premium Corporate Gifts India

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January 16, 2023
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Now and then, you will want to say thank you to your employee or congratulate a client on their success. Premium corporate gifts India is the perfect way to do that.

In this article, we will guide you through why businesses choose to work with corporate gifting companies Mumbai, and also tell you what you need to know about premium corporate gifts in India. And share our recommendations on the best way to manage your corporate gifts in 2023.

What Is Corporate Gifting?

Sending a gift on behalf of your company is referred to as corporate gifting. You never know who will receive your gift: it might be a client, customer, employee, vendor, or potential client. The giving opportunity can also be extended to those people's families. And choosing high-end corporate gifts from India is always the finest option.

Corporate gifting is the practise of using a gift to build a relationship with clients, customers, or potential clients. This can be done by delivering a physical object like a valuable swag item, an edible treat, personalized gifts, or a clothing item, or via a non-physical gift like an experience or an eGift card (such as airfare or concert tickets).

In addition to sending them for no particular reason at all, people also frequently do the following:

  • Birthday presents
  • Holiday gifts
  • Personal achievements like growing a family
  • Professional achievements like gaining a new qualification
  • Client appreciation gifts
  • Welcome gifts for becoming a new client or employee
  • Anniversary presents for time spent as a client or employee

Premium corporate gifts India don't have to be big or grand. They can be as simple as sending a vendor a gift basket to welcome them to your business family or sending an employee a card with funds to spend on their birthday.

Reasons Why Businesses Choose to Work with Corporate Gifting Companies Mumbai:

When you're looking for a gifting company among the top corporate gifting companies Mumbai, there's a lotto consider.

First, is your gifting team reliable? Is it going to be able to deliver on time?

Then, what type of experience do they have? Do they have the experience and expertise to help you create the most personal and meaningful gifts possible?

And finally, what kind of prices are they charging? Are they competitive with other companies?

Corporate gifting is the process of giving a gift to your employees, clients, or customers. Corporate gifting companies Mumbai are available for all gifts, including flowers, cakes, chocolates, Chirag, and more.

Corporate gifting companies Mumbai is famous because it helps you create an impression on your company's employees and clients. It also enables you to make a good impression on the people who are not part of your organization but may be exposed to it. There are several reasons why businesses might choose to work with corporate gifting companies in Mumbai:

  1. Convenience:

Working with a corporate gifting company can be more convenient than trying to source and purchase gifts on your own. Gifting companies have a wide range of products and can often provide custom gifting solutions to meet your needs.

  1. Professional expertise:

Corporate gifting companies have experience selecting and sourcing appropriate gifts for businesses and can provide helpful advice on the best options for your specific needs and budget.

  1. Time-saving:

Working with a corporate gifting company can save your business time and effort by handling all aspects of the gifting process, from sourcing and purchasing gifts to packaging and delivery.

  1. Cost-effective:

Corporate gifting companies often have relationships with suppliers and can negotiate bulk purchase discounts, which can help your business save money on gifts.

Overall, working with a corporate gifting company in Mumbai can be a convenient and cost-effective way for businesses to purchase gifts for their clients, employees, and other stakeholders.

Signs You Need to Visit Corporate Gifting Companies Mumbai

There are several signs that you might benefit from visiting corporate gifting companies Mumbai:

  • You are looking to strengthen your business relationships with clients or employees.
  • You want to thank your clients or employees for their business or hard work.
  • You are looking for unique and high-quality gifts for your clients or employees.
  • You want to find a cost-effective way to show your clients or employees appreciation.
  • You are interested in finding gifts relevant to your industry or company culture

Why Premium Corporate Gifts India is Great for Business

Fig: Corporate gifting companies Mumbai offering premium corporate gifts India

Premium corporate gifts India is a fun way to welcome, celebrate, and give thanks to the people who help your business thrive. But here's how they're also fantastic for your business plan.

  1. Build Relationships With Clients

There are many techniques to win over clients and create strong, long-lasting commercial ties:

  • Offer a fantastic product or service.
  • Provide high-quality customer service.
  • Have an intelligent approach to pricing.
  1. Corporate presents can also be included in the mix.

Your clients want to feel like something other than a number on a spreadsheet. They want to feel important, cherished and treated like a VIP by you. To achieve that experience, send creative corporate gifts. For example, you may send a present to celebrate a client's anniversary with your company or to congratulate them on a success or career milestone.

  1. Encourage Prospects to Become Customers

You can also send corporate gift boxes to people who still need to be your customers. This can be a great way to start an extraordinary client relationship and show prospects that you're the company to do business with.

Sending premium corporate gifts India can help you stick out in the mind of company decision-makers. If you send that person a thoughtful, personalized welcome present after the initial encounter, you'll make them smile and come to mind the next time they need your services.

  1. Motivate and Inspire Your Team

Corporate gifting from one of the top corporate gifting companies Mumbai is for more than just your clients. Your employees are your most valuable asset — take care of them with a tremendous and heartfelt approach to corporate gifting.

Your employees are like your business family. 

They'd prefer to work where they're valued and feel in their own home. Create an organization-wide gifting plan to give lovely gifts for employees on crucial occasions like birthdays and corporate anniversaries.

Or when they've performed an excellent job on a particular project. There is no need to shell out hundreds of dollars for these corporate gifts. Even for small companies, this can cost a lot quickly.

What You Should Be Educated About the Best Premium Corporate Gifts India

Before you start sending corporate gifts out to anyone you know, there are some points to consider.

  • Policy and Strategies for Gifting

When you want to create a personalized gifting service for customers or team members, a general plan and policy can allow you to create similar experiences for all your clients and employees. It will make it easier to manage the process of gifting.

Create a clear policy that defines your company's strategy for corporate gifting. You should think about the budget you'll need for each gift, the kind of gifts you'll be sending, the time you'll be sending them, and the best way to integrate corporate gifting into your core values.

If, for instance, you're a fan of green living, then an electronic gift such as a digital gift card is the best alternative. Instead of sending a gift across the world or across the nation, it is possible to send gifts without being concerned about emissions or carbon footprint.

It is also essential to establish a policy for whether your employees can accept gifts from personal contacts from other companies. If you begin to send corporate gifts, your employees will start receiving gifts as well. It is essential to let them know if this is acceptable and if they're required to notify you of any gifts they received.

  • Tax Impacts

Sometimes, corporate gifts may be tax-deductible. It's all dependent on the amount and nature of the donation. It is the IRS states it is possible for businesses can deduct gifts up to $25 per person per tax year.

This is applicable for gifts as either direct (given directly to employees) as well as indirect (shown to the employee's or a client's family members). If you give your employee a gift basket worth $65 to mark the achievement of a particular person, the tax of $25 is a deduction.

In addition, any incidental costs, such as engraving, are deducted above the $25 amount, however, only if they do not significantly enhance the value of the present. Certain types of gifts work differently in tax terms. One example is gift cards, which means that the entire price is tax-deductible. They're regarded as income, and you'll need to take tax deductions on these items from your employees.

The company’s promotional items you distribute are tax-deductible for purchases less than $4, feature the company's name inscribed, or are something you typically distribute, like a pen. You must keep a record of any corporate gifts that you give along with the corporate reason for the gift.

  • Restrictions for Clients

Although many companies allow staff to receive corporate gift cards, some do not. People in government or high-ranking positions may not be able to accept your donation-regardless of the amount of appreciation.

If you're planning to send gifts of worth a lot, make sure to check with your client's company first to confirm if they're willing to accept the gifts.

If you're certain you'll need to surprise your clients in the near future, include a question within your welcome procedure to inquire whether they're willing to accept gifts so that you will have them ready for when you need them.

  • Fun Corporate Gift Ideas for the Office

After we've gone over the basics, let's look at some of the corporate gift options. Here are some corporate gifts you can give to employees, customers as well as vendors.

  • Luxury Gift Basket

Premium gift baskets have always been sought-after Corporate gift ideas. They provide that luxurious appearance with the flexibility to design a gift basket containing the person's most loved products, gift vouchers, or items you can find in your area. Hampers can be costly and are best used as annual gifts or the perfect welcome gift for VIP clients.

  • Wellness Box

With the majority of us working from home, wellness gift boxes are becoming the most sought-after corporate gifts. Inside, you'll find items that will assist your gift recipient in staying focused, finding balance, and focusing on their well-being, including positive affirmation cards, tea, a tumbler, and candles.

  • Personalized Stationery

It's always enjoyable to get a gift that is personalized, and stationery is a fantastic alternative to corporate presents. Many gifting firms will design an assortment of bags or laptop bags that can be customized with the client's company as well as their personal information. This makes for memorable, customized, distinctive gifts for customers and employees.

Psychological Aspects of Corporate Gifts

The quality of gifts is an undisputed relationship with its impact on the psychological state of the recipient. If you've ever received an unexpected treat or surprise (either on the spot or via mail), have you experienced the phenomenon in the real world?

This is due to the fact that physical contact with a gift creates the endowment effect, a feeling of ownership of an item, which results in people who value it more in accordance with an analysis of the impact of gifts on business performance.

Additionally, it influences the feeling of trust and reciprocity. This can be observed in the marketing results and results for gift-giving in various typical corporate gifting situations.


Corporate gifts from one of the top corporate gifting companies Mumbai are so popular as they can help you make an impression on your employees as well as clients. It also lets you impress those who aren't employees of your business but are exposed to your company.

Corporate gifts are an excellent way to connect with customers and customers who haven't met you before and thus need to know more about what you provide. Gifting them something they can bring home to show their family, friends, or coworkers will make them remember who you are and the kind of services you provide them. Get in touch with Elan Accessories for the most creative premium corporate gifts in India.

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